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Expert Business Team

Establish a cost efficient virtual team of experts (or share ours) and DELEGATE to accelerate...

Expert Business Team

Turn-key platforms, funnels, and automation so you never have to worry about tech again...

Expert Business Team

Delegate from day 1 with our hundreds of pre-written SOPs, checklists, guides, and templates...


  • You're not making progress fast enough. You’ve started taking action to build your online business, buying lots of courses and tools but not finishing and implementing.

  • You have pieces of the puzzle like lead magnets, partial email sequences, a website you’re not proud of, and a to-do list that stretches months or years into the future before you see "passive income"

  • You've been "list building" and putting all of your time into free content, social media posts, and a Facebook group but haven't built or launched your flagship program.
  • You're bouncing from tactic to tactic pitched by online business gurus (podcast! webinar! challenge! virtual summit!) looking for the "easy button" that brings success.

  • Maybe you've seen some initial success and generated a few tens of thousands of dollars in revenue but little or no profit.

  • You're bootstrapping and doing everything solo but would love to have the tools, systems, and team that you know the successful online business owners have.

If you've nodded your head yes to any of these, then keep reading, you're on the cusp of learning how to leap over all of these roadblocks...

Imagine what it will feel like when...

You have a team and full product suite in place generating revenue: entry level to high-ticket, requiring just a few hours of your time each week...

Picture generating 7-figures of revenue annually while delivering life-changing results for your customers...

NOT because this is easy, but because you have the right tools, systems, and team in place doing 95% of the work for you.

Where your ideas don't become to-do lists that you have to wake up at 5am to accomplish but are implemented the next day by your team.

Having all of this in place within months instead of years, without having to learn and build everything from scratch.

Solo to Virtual CEO™ includes three pillars that are essential for a 7-figure Expert Business:

  • TEAM: Build an elite, cost efficient team (or share ours) to 10x your speed & quality WITHOUT buying dozens of courses and wasting time learning skills outside your zone of genius...

  • TOOLS: Leverage our turn-key, business in a box platform to be up, running, and generating revenue as quickly as possible WITHOUT you ever having to learn or worry about technology...

  • SYSTEMS: Install proven content, traffic, funnel, and delivery systems with documented processes & procedures for your team to execute FOR YOU...

Solo to Virtual CEO™ delivers the tools, systems, and team you need to build an automated online business...

What would it mean to you when...

YOU are the virtual CEO of a successful online business, built around your expertise, with customers you LOVE to work with and help change their lives?

David Ziembicki

CEO, Expert Business Agency

"Solo to Virtual CEO™ is the premier solution for high performers wanting to build or scale a 7-figure online business around their expertise..."

Here's what's included in the Solo to Virtual CEO Program:

Access to the 12-month Solo to Virtual CEO program and solutions

This program is specifically designed to be a 12 month opportunity, as it will allow us to create your automated online business (or scale your existing business).

This allows time for transformational results by implementing the tools, systems, and team required for rapid growth and long term success.

The Expert Business Blueprint

Step-by-Step plans and guidance for building and scaling a 7-figure automated online business.

If you don't have an established online business already, this is the fastest way to build one.

  • How to turn your expertise into a suite of products ranging from $100 - $25k and launch them rapidly

  • Establish the tools, systems, and team you need for automated growth

  • How to have your team build the Funnels, Website, Social Channels, Content, and Traffic you need

The Expert Business Platform

We’ve integrated 5 best in class applications and services to provide a turn-key solution for course, membership, and coaching businesses.

You also get our Expert Business Snapshot, which has all of the key pages, funnels, email sequences, and marketing automation already setup...

Add your branding and specific content to make it your own saving you hundreds of hours of work!

  • Website / Blog / Podcast

  • Sales Funnels + Email Service Provider

  • Social Media Scheduling, Posting, Reporting

  • Project and Process Management

  • Dozens of other critical capabilities

The Expert Business Systems

We empower you and your team with turn-key systems, processes, and procedures.

These enable you to build a small virtual team right away and have them be highly productive from day one and 10x’s your progress.

  • The 9 essential expert business functions (ex. Marketing, Sales, Product Development) are all systemized and built into your platform.

  • Access to 250+ standard operating procedures and checklists for everything from setting up Google and Facebook pixels to building and optimizing high-ticket sales funnels.

  • This is done-for-you documentation that immediately empowers your team (as a Virtual CEO we DON’T want you doing these tasks, rather we want you delegating them!)

Your Expert Business Team

We show you how to define, find, and delegate the management of a fractional / virtual team.

Instead of trying to find a “unicorn” virtual assistant that knows everything (they don’t exist), we show you how to use part time experts managed by your virtual COO, enabled by the tools and systems we provide you.

  • Virtual Team Model

  • Virtual Team Roles & Responsibilities

  • Job Descriptions

  • Hiring and Management Process

  • Verified services and vendors

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Every week our expert coaches host group coaching calls by topic (ex. Tech, Marketing, Operations) where all your specific questions will be answered.

  • Not sure how to best leverage one of the tools in our platform, ask on the Tech coaching call!

  • Questions about what's working now in high-ticket sales funnels, ask on the Marketing coaching call!

  • Operations coaching call! that immediately empowers your team (as a Virtual CEO we DON’T want you doing these tasks, rather we want you delegating them!)

Bi-Weekly CEO Strategy Call

Twice a month Dave hosts a CEO strategy call focusing on your big picture, direction setting questions.

In addition, Dave provides insights on what is working now across our clients and the industry.

  • Business Models

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Mindset / Productivity

  • Financials

Weekly Review and 1:1 Feedback

Weekly review sessions where you can submit something for 1:1 feedback and advice.

You can keep submitting the item for feedback until you have it perfected!

  • Need a review of your program outline and contents? Submit it for 1:1 feedback!

  • Want a review of the sales page for your program? Submit it for 1:1 feedback!

  • Not sure if your email copy is engaging enough? Submit it for 1:1 feedback!

Private CEO-Only Community

Ask questions and get feedback from your peers and coaches!

The group is for you to ask questions, post a poll, ask for feedback and get quick help when you need it.

Plus, you’ll meet amazing peers and different phases in their business growth!

  • Network with peers and coaches

  • Help others who are earlier stage

  • Learn from 6- and 7-figure virtual CEOs

Technical Support? YES!

SOOOOO many get bogged down and struggle with tech. That ends now!

When you use our tools and tech stack, we support you end to end.

Our self-service knowledge base will answer most of your questions right away and our ticket-based support covers the rest.

If there is a problem with a tool, we’ll take over and resolve it with the vendor, so you don’t have to waste that time!

  • Need a review of your program outline and contents? Submit it for 1:1 feedback!

  • Want a review of the sales page for your program? Submit it for 1:1 feedback!

  • Not sure if your email copy is engaging enough? Submit it for 1:1 feedback!

Real Clients, Real Results:

“My only regret in hiring the Expert Business Agency is that I didn’t do it sooner! Dave and his team have been incredibly responsive, detail-orientated, and willing to go the extra mile to get things done right. I have nothing but wonderful things to say—my experience has been almost too good to be true.”

- Denaye Barahona Ph.D.

Simple Families

“David and his team helped us get our website, funnels, and automations up and running and making sales right away! His tools, systems, and team are very helpful for those of us who have no idea how to handle the tech side of business.”

- Annie Davidson Purcell

Next Level Daily

"From the very beginning, they've helped with building my branding, website, and sales funnels for all of the coaching programs. Dave and his team have been running it all start to finish. I am so grateful for Dave and Expert Business Agency as they have played a major role in my business."

- Rasheeda Green


Let us help you establish the tools, systems & team you need to scale your automated online business!

Here's our quick application flow (if accepted, you'll get all the details, investment options, and any questions answered 1:1 after the private training and before enrolling!)

There is NO SALES CALL (unless you want one) WOOT!!!

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Inside the Solo to Virtual CEO program, you'll get the Team, Tools, and Systems to accelerate your Expert Business toward 7-figures...


Enter your contact info and answers to just three questions to see if there's a good fit!

With Solo to Virtual CEO™, you can begin delegating within days...

Whether you build your team with us or share ours:

Your progress will accelerate dramatically as critical work gets done in parallel and taken off your plate...

The right work, in the right order, by the right experts, will be done to grow your online business...

Your average day will go from frantic to strategic...


New Course & Coaching Business Launched...

With Solo to Virtual CEO™, Corlandos was able to take a 1:1 legal service his firm provided and turn it into a scalable online course and coaching program.


Scaling a Course Business...

With Solo to Virtual CEO™, Denaye was able to build and launch a new flagship course in 8 weeks that went on to generate over 6-figures in revenue the first year. In the process we also helped her grow her email list to over 30,000 engaged followers!


New Course & Coaching Business Launched...

With Solo to Virtual CEO™, Matt was able to take his music business online with a new brand, website, sales funnel, and flagship guitar coaching program...


New Coaching Business Launched...

With Solo to Virtual CEO™, Rasheeda was able to get her website, sales funnels, lead magnets, and more up and running quickly to earn her first coaching clients...


New E-commerce Business Launched...

With Solo to Virtual CEO™, Annie was able to move a struggling e-commerce business off of Amazon and onto a different platform and turn it into a 6-figure business within the first 12 months...

Here's what we'll work on together in Solo to Virtual CEO™...

If you are just starting to build an online business:

Create your automated online business and get your flagship program built, launched, and generating revenue.

If you are struggling to grow your online business:

Increase your revenue to 6-figures by completing your product suite and ramping up your marketing & sales.

If you've hit 6-figures or more but are burned out:

Scale up your launches and evergreen sales to 7-figures while decreasing the amount of time you work dramatically.

"We've created THE solution for busy professionals to build an automated online business around their expertise while delegating most of the work..."

David Ziembicki

CEO, Expert Business Agency

We are currently accepting applications from business owners, executives, experts, creators, coaches, or consultants that want to build or scale an automated online business.

If you're ready to stop struggling solo and step into the virtual CEO role...

Putting in place the tools, systems, and team needed to truly succeed, apply now!

Real Client, Real Results:

“David and his team helped us get our website, funnels, and automations up and running and making sales right away! His tools, systems, and team are very helpful for those of us who have no idea how to handle the tech side of business.”

- Annie Davidson Purcell, Next Level Daily

How much is it costing you to struggle solo?

If you're trying to everything in your business yourself or "bootstrapping" then you are moving at 1/10th the speed of your competition and burning yourself out at the same time...

Slow execution speed means you are pushing your 6- and 7-figure years further into the future and risk running out of time or money before ever getting there...

With our help, if you launch a $10k program within 6 months and earn 2 clients, you are at break even. With 10 more in the next 6 months, you'd be a 6-figure virtual CEO... within a year.

If you're currently "thinking", "planning", "learning", or "bootstrapping" then you are falling behind your competition while burning time and money for no return...

Hi, I'm Dave Ziembicki

I'm the founder of the Expert Business Agency. I built the agency to help you avoid the MANY mistakes I made when trying to build my own online business. To help you grow from struggling solopreneur to successful virtual CEO. To help you unleash your expertise and talents to change the world…

In my career I've sold and/or delivered over $200M in consulting services having worked for Deloitte, Avanade, SAIC, and 17 years at Microsoft. I've helped startups as well as Fortune 500 and government agencies.

Despite that success, I struggled for several years trying to build my own online business, buying tens of thousands of dollar of courses, waking up at 4am every morning, creating tons of free content, reading every productivity books to “find more time in the day” or “work less and get more done”, I burned out before ever having a profitable month…

Nearing the point of giving up, I began to interview successful online entrepreneurs making 7- or 8-figures of revenue from their online business. I wanted to find out why they were successful and I wasn’t…

What I discovered was that ALL of them eventually converged on a similar business model, what I now call the Expert Business Model.

They each had a second in command they could delegate to, they had a virtual team of experts helping them, and they created repeatable systems and processes for each part of their online business.

Once I did the same, I dramatically increased my business growth WITHOUT working more!

This inspired me to create the Solo to Virtual CEO program to help you do the same!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Solo to Virtual CEO™ for me?

Solo to Virtual CEO is ideal for anyone with a talent, expertise, or service that they want to turn into a digital course, membership, or group coaching program. It is also ideal for anyone doing 1:1 coaching, consulting, or done-for-you services that wants to turn those into digital products.

We'll carefully review your application and links to determine if your business/idea and goals are a good match for Solo to Virtual CEO™ and to make sure we can dramatically accelerate your results.

How is it different from every other online business program?

Solo to Virtual CEO™ is the only program in the industry that helps you establish the team, tools, and systems for a 7-figure online business AND gives you the option to simply use our team, tools, and systems to build your business! Within days you can go from idea to having 10+ people working on building YOUR business.

Most other programs focus on one narrow area (blogging, podcasting, webinars, Facebook ads) and try to teach you those topics. They make MORE work for you as you have to watch a ton of videos, learn, and implement everything yourself.

Other high end coaching or mastermind programs STILL try to teach you everything and at best you get some "coaching" calls where you ask questions and they give you MORE work to do.

With Solo to Virtual CEO™ we show you how to establish the Team, Tools, and Systems you need so that you have real people and help to grow your business rapidly. You get access to everything we use in our agency to build online businesses.

How much does it cost?

It depends (but in a good way!). If your application is accepted, we will send you a special private training that details the four key elements of the program which are Coaching, Team, Tools, and Systems including the investment required for the different options and payment plans. This is obviously not a cheap, low end program but it is also not a 6-figure investment either! (Phew!!!)

We also treat you like the intelligent professional that you are so we will not drag you onto a sales call, try to make your cry, and harangue you into joining our program (scary bit people still do try that!)

How much time do I need to invest?

That entirely depends on how quickly you want to build and grow your business. Our core premise is that you should be delegating 80 - 90% of the work to your team (or our team) but the "raw material" for your business is your expertise. In the first few weeks 10 - 20 hours a week is ideal then it ramps down as your team ramps up.

How fast will I see results?

When you enroll in Solo to Virtual CEO™ you'll have everything you need to build and launch your Expert Business in as little as 8 weeks. How quickly you hit your revenue goals varies greatly. We maintain a no B.S. zone and at this point don't know anything yet about you or your business so won't promise when the Lamborghinis will start dropping from the sky :) That said, our goal is to do and provide everything we possibly can so you can hit 6-figures within 6 months and 7-figures within a year...

Will this work for my niche/topic/skills?

Our program works for all niches because we focus on the essentials: building your audience, converting them to customers, and ascending them to your higher level programs we help you build. Your odds of success and how quickly you achieve it are directly related to how impactful your solutions are. Broadly speaking, anything in Health, Wealth, or Relationships where you solve a major business or life challenge is ideal.

How do I enroll?

We make it as easy as possible! Just click the button below to scroll to our application. Then click to launch Facebook Messenger and our application questions will begin. If you are a good fit, we'll send over our private training with all of the details. Then if you'd like our help, our team, tools, and systems, you'll be able to enroll in Solo to Virtual CEO™ (nos ales call required)!

What if I have other questions?

We answer all questions in detail in the private training we send you if your application is accepted. You'll also have the chance to ask any questions via chat or you can book a call with our team as well. But first you need to apply so let's do that now!

Learn how to create an automated, Expert Business, while delegating most of the work!

We do NOT define an expert business as a blog, fancy logos, business cards, and other such useless items.

Rather, it is an orchestration of team, tools, and systems that create content and value.

All designed to help you attract an audience, convert them to customers, and ascend them to your higher level programs.

Solo to Virtual CEO™ is an 6-month, done-with-you OR done-for-you program that builds a complete expert business around the skills and experience you have – positioning you as an expert and Virtual CEO.

Our system includes coaching, team, tools, and systems. You will be assigned a success manager, a virtual chief operating office (COO) who will work directly with you for the entire program.

You will also have direct access to our founder, David Ziembicki, via Slack, and a weekly CEO calls.

The program follows our Expert Business Roadmap which has three phases, each with three steps, that accelerate you toward your online business goals.

If you already have a 6-figure business and are targeting 7-figures, you will start at a more advanced level with our Expert Business System program.


The START phase is all about getting your strategy, blueprint, and positioning right, then implementing your audience and list building funnels within 2 weeks.

We’ll deep dive on your current state, your goals, and the shortest path to get there. Together we’ll create your specific blueprint, which defines everything we do after.

Key elements include what your positioning, platforms, and content need to look like. What tools, processes, and automation you need, and so on.

Finally, we will build and deploy your first sales funnels: enabling the customer value journey from stranger to subscriber to customer to raving fan.

The path starts with the valuable content you’ll create showcasing your expertise building audiences like your email list, your LinkedIn network, your Facebook group (all of which which we set up for you).


The SELL phase is where we help you start ramping up your sales and growth by building the online presence you need to position yourself as an expert.

The base or headquarters of your expert business is your web presence. This is “property” you own, control, and cultivate over time. We build, deploy, and host a state-of-the-art expert business website for you and ensure you never have to learn or worry about technology.

The next element of your platform is social media. After assessing your current profiles and positioning, we’ll add the profiles you need and update your existing profiles if needed. All are professionally designed to position you as an expert.

Finally, we’ll help you setup and start your content engine. Less than 1% of your peers are creating valuable weekly content let alone valuable DAILY content. This is what will turbocharge your business and sales.

The key element of our program is that you need only supply the raw content (an hour of video, audio, or text equivalent) and our editorial and design team turn that into 50 – 100 assets each week you are in the program (and after your 8-weeks in the program, you can retain us monthly to keep fueling the engine)


At this point, all the key elements are in place: your blueprint, funnels, web presence, social channels, and content engine are running like clockwork. Now it is time to SCALE your business!

What you need now is a targeted audience viewing and consuming your content.

Within that audience, we want you to “be everywhere” and constantly showing up with value for them.

We’ll implement both organic (ex. Search) and paid (ad) traffic strategies. These are driven by your goals.

If you business requires a cyclical, periodic launch-based strategy, we'll design and implement traffic strategies to support that. If a continuous evergreen style makes more sense for your business and audience, we'll implement that instead.

As the Virtual CEO, you'll work with our Virtual COO to determine exactly how to scale your unique business.

To expand, without requiring more of your valuable time, we focus extensively on automation, outsourcing, and team building.

While in the program (and as long as you retain us after) all you have to do provide is your expertise, and we do the rest.

At this point, you are the Virtual CEO of your expert business, with our team as your marketing and technology divisions...

As close to a "business in a box" as possible leveraging YOUR unique expertise...

Apply for Solo to Virtual CEO™ now to get access to an advanced, private training that that details our Expert Business Model when your application is approved.

Submit your application now so we can send you an advanced, private training on how to leverage our proven team, tools, and systems to build and scale YOUR Expert Business!

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