We'll FILL your YouTube, Podcast, Blog & Socials

For each raw video you record, we:

  • Edit versions for YouTube, Podcast, Blog, and Email...

  • Repurpose into 20+ more assets (Reels, Quotes, etc.)

  • Publish across all your socials (100+ posts!)

(Click 🔇 to hear the audio!)

We Provide The:


Imagine sharing a team that includes a video editor, graphic designer, and content manager...


Imagine your team using state-of-the-art editing, design, and AI tools so that you don't have to...


Imagine your team executing social media scheduling and publishing processes for you...

Here's what we turn each video into for you:

You provide a long-form unedited video (10 - 15 min duration), then we edit and create:

Long-form Assets:

  • Edited YouTube video with titles, B-roll, end screen, etc.

  • Podcast episode with intro and outro embedded

  • Blog post with headings, embedded video and podcast

  • Audiogram with captions and waveform

  • We schedule and publish each asset

Short-form Assets & Posts:

  • 10+ vertical video 60-sec highlights (Reels) with branding and captions

  • 10+ square quote images with branding and captions

  • Each asset is turned into one or more social media posts

  • Each post is scheduled and published across your social channels for you

Not sure what type of content to create?

If you're not sure about what type of raw content to create or provide to us, we also include content strategy and planning where we work with you to map out the most effective topics and content types for your business!

We provide the team, tools, and systems to edit, re-purpose, and publish YOUR content at scale, just like your favorite influencers do, but at a fraction of the cost...

Hi, I'm Dave Ziembicki, founder of

the Expert Business Agency.

For years I also tried and failed to publish content consistently...

I spent a lot of money on courses and tools thinking I could learn how to create, edit, and publish all of my content myself.

When that didn't work, I had to pay for increasingly expensive ads just to generate some business.

If I was lucky I'd publish one or two pieces of content a week as I was busy building other parts of my business like funnels, courses, etc.

Since I wasn't publishing consistently, I wasn't building an audience or email list :(

“I was about to give up when a mentor said something that changed my business and life. He said: "you need to start asking WHO not HOW.”

He recognized that I was stuck in the DIY trap, trying to learn and do everything myself. Instead, I should have been asking WHO can do this for me that already knows HOW.

In other words, I needed a team, tools, and systems just like the successful content creators have. A Content Engine...

Once I put a content engine in place, my posts and content calendar started to look like this:

It Worked So Well, I Decided To Offer My Team As A Service To Help You Build Your Content Engine Too...

Just 3 Steps To Start YOUR Content Engine:

1 - Choose a Plan OR Book A Free

Strategy Call

We'll discuss your goals and map out a content strategy to help achieve them.

2 - Enroll In The Content Engine Service

Enroll and we'll setup your content engine, branded templates, and systems.

3 - Send Videos Then We Edit, Repurpose and Publish

You provide raw videos, we turn them into dozens of assets and hundreds of posts!


Our Promise To You...

Every video you provide will be professionally edited into dozens of assets...

Your long-form content will be published to your YouTube, Podcast, and Blog...

Your short-form content will be published to all your social media channels...

We'll FILL your content calendar and increase your organic traffic significantly...

Client Content Engines In Action

How The Content Engine Works

Editing Team

Our editing team is your ticket to high-quality, professional video content. We take your raw, unedited footage and transform it into a compelling visual story. With "B-roll", lower thirds, titles, and dynamic graphics, we inject life into your content, elevating it to a professional standard.

From processing your audio to deliver clear, engaging sound, to applying color correction that enhances your footage visually, we ensure your videos are top-notch. And if you have multiple camera angles? We've got you covered. Our team deftly stitches together different perspectives for a comprehensive, immersive viewing experience.

In short, we turn your raw video into a polished, viewer-ready masterpiece. Your vision, enhanced by our expertise. Your content, taken to the next level.

Repurposing Team

Our content repurposing team is your key to maximizing the potential of your content. We specialize in transforming your finished videos into a myriad of different formats, tailored for various platforms, expanding your reach and impact.

First, we extract the essence of your video content and turn it into a professional, high-quality podcast episode, delivering your message in an audio format that appeals to the ever-growing podcast audience.

Next, we transcribe your content and craft an SEO-optimized blog post, enhancing your online visibility and ranking, while delivering your message in written form for your readers to enjoy at their leisure.

But we don't stop there. We meticulously analyze your content and extract powerful highlights and insightful quotes. These become compelling highlight videos and inspiring image quotes.

For the short-form video platforms, we create captivating vertical videos with captions. These bite-sized nuggets of wisdom are perfectly suited for TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts, helping you engage with the growing short-form video audience.

Publishing Team

Our social media publishing team is your powerhouse for extending reach and driving engagement across all of your social channels. We expertly leverage the wealth of content assets created by the editing and repurposing teams to build a robust and diverse social media presence for you.

We craft compelling captions, carefully select high-impact hashtags, and create engaging posts using your videos, blog excerpts, image quotes, and highlight clips. Our goal is to create content that resonates with your audience, sparking interactions, and enhancing brand visibility.

By populating your content calendars in advance, we ensure consistent posting, keeping your brand at the forefront of your audience's minds and driving engagement on a regular basis.

We transform your multitude of content assets into hundreds of social media posts, scheduled and published. The result is a significant increase in organic traffic to your platforms, boosting your online presence and optimizing your content efforts.

Content Engine Pricing

Monthly plans, NO minimum commitment!

Questions? Click the chat bubble to ask or book a free strategy call!


We Edit 2 videos & create

40 Assets + 200 Posts

Every Month...

the "Pat Flynn" :)

  • Professionally edit your raw videos plus titles / B-roll

  • Add video branding

  • Add subtitles/captions

  • Turn into 40 assets (Reels, Quotes, etc.)

  • Publish long-form assets (YouTube, Podcast, Blog)

  • Create & Publish 200 Posts (30 assets x 5 social channels)

Normally $1499/mo



We Edit 4 videos & create

80 Assets + 400 Posts

Every Month...

the "Alex Hormozi" :)

  • Professionally edit your raw videos plus titles / B-roll

  • Add video branding

  • Add subtitles/captions

  • Turn into 80 assets (Reels, Quotes, etc.)

  • Publish long-form assets (YouTube, Podcast, Blog)

  • Create & Publish 400 Posts (80 assets x 5 social channels)

Normally $2,999/mo



We Edit 8 videos & create

160 Assets + 800 Posts

Every Month...

the "Gary V" :)

  • Professionally edit your raw videos plus titles / B-roll

  • Add video branding

  • Add subtitles/captions

  • Turn into 160 assets (Reels, Quotes, etc.)

  • Publish long-form assets (YouTube, Podcast, Blog)

  • Create & Publish 800 Posts (160 assets x 5 social channels)

Normally $5,999/mo


Did Someone Say Bonuses?

Bonus #1: Expert Content

Management System

Supercharge your content marketing with our Expert Content Management System, exclusively included with the Content Engine service. Designed for high-volume content creators, this cutting-edge platform streamlines content idea tracking, creation, scripting, and scheduling, turning your workflow into a seamless process.

It is your ultimate solution for managing and organizing hundreds, even thousands of videos with efficiency and ease. But that's not all - every piece of content you create is automatically indexed and made searchable, turning your content repository into a treasure trove of readily-accessible resources.

Transform your content strategy, optimize your processes, and stay ahead of the curve with our advanced system.

Bonus #2: Video Branding & Templates

Elevate your brand identity with our Custom Video Assets, offered only with the Content Engine service. We tailor your visual content to perfection, ensuring each piece resonates with your brand and amplifies your message.

This special feature includes a uniquely crafted logo reveal that's sure to leave an imprint on your audience. Moreover, we provide custom lower thirds to enhance your video's professional appeal and YouTube end screens to drive viewer engagement.

Our service extends to vertical video branding, an essential in today's mobile-first world, ensuring your content shines across all platforms.

Bonus #3: Social Media Post Templates To Start Publishing ASAP

Strengthen your social media presence with our Custom Social Media Post Templates, a bonus feature designed to ensure consistency and high-quality design across your platforms. These templates, tailored to your brand aesthetics, not only save time but also fortify your brand identity in the eyes of your audience.

To maximize reach and engagement, our system will provide you with strategically chosen hashtag recommendations, drawing from extensive research and analytics to connect your content with the right audiences.

Moreover, our proven-effective Caption Templates help you craft compelling narratives that engage your followers, promote interaction, and amplify your message. With our holistic approach to content marketing, we equip you with everything you need to stand out and build a powerful online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Content Engine™ for me?

The Content Engine™ is ideal for you if you want to grow your audience online, build your email list, and bring more customers or clients to your business using organic traffic. If you are able to create at least one raw video a month, we'll turn each into 20 assets and 100 social posts.

What types of video are we talking about?

The Content Engine™ is designed to take in 5 - 30 minute raw videos you record (or videos you have previously recorded). We then professionally edit the videos, create 20+ assets, and 100 social posts. The videos are typically face-to-camera, tutorial, or interview style videos. Similar to what you see influencers like Gary Vaynerhuk, Alex Hormozi, Vanessa Lau creating.

What types of editing do you do?

During our editing process we cut any mistakes or retakes, cut between camera angles (if asked), add motion/zoom/B-roll/titles to keep viewer's attention. We add your branding such as logos / colors / fonts to the videos. We do light color correction and audio enhancement as needed. Our service is designed for volume so we are not doing complex, cinmatics/movie style editing.

How much does it cost?

The packages and pricing are listed on this page, just scroll up to the pricing section.

Are there contracts or commitments?

The Content Engine is a monthly subscription. There are no minimum commitments and it can be canceled at any time.

Do videos "roll over" if I don't submit edit requests?

No. We reserve capacity to make sure we can deliver on our commitments. If you are on the 4 videos per month plan but you only submit 3 videos that month, the remaining does not roll over to the next month, it is forfeited.

How far in advance do you need my videos?

We need your raw video 2 weeks before the desired publish date. This provides time for the initial edit and any revisions needed, then the substantial amount of assets and posts we create. Once you have multiple videos in our queue, then your content will be published weekly like clockwork.

What does "20 assets and 100 posts" mean?

An asset means a piece of content. From your raw video, we create:

Full-length Edited Video

Full-length Edited Podcast

Full-length Edited Blog Post
Full-length Edited Audiogram
7 - 10 sixty second Video Highlights (vertical video with captions, Tik-Tok/Reels style)

7 - 10 image quotes

A social post is one of the assets posted to one or more of your social media channels. Typically the 20 assets get posted to 4 - 6 social channels which totals up to 100 posts for each raw video you provide.

On the 1 video per month plan, the edited video, assets and posts are spread across the month.

On the 4 videos per month plan, the edited video, 20 assets and 100 posts go out weekly.

Are you creating and posting for me?

Yes! Awesome right? During onboarding we connect our scheduling tools to your social media accounts so we can create and schedule the posts for you. Posts get created as drafts and you are prompted to review and approve before they are published. This way you have final control over anything posted on your behalf.

What Social Media Channels do you support?

We will create and post the full length content to your Website/Blog, YouTube channel, and Podcast (if you don't have those we can help you set them up).

For the highlights and social posts, we can publish them to:

Facebook Page

Facebook Group







Google My Business

How fast will I see results?

We maintain a no B.S. zone here and at this point don't know anything about your business or content yet so won't promise when the Lamborghinis will start dropping from the sky :) That said, our goal is to help you publish dramatically more content to build your audience, email list and leads coming into your business.

Pretty much everyone we talk to (myself included!) wish they would have started growing their YouTube channel, podcast, blog, and social media channels sooner. The Content Engine is how you begin to catch up but WITHOUT having to invest 20 - 40 hours of time every week.

Will this work for my niche/topic/skills?

Our program works for all niches because we focus on the essentials: building your audience, converting them to customers, and ascending them to your higher level programs. Your odds of success and how quickly you achieve it are directly related to how impactful your solutions are. Broadly speaking, anything in Health, Wealth, or Relationships where you solve a major business or life challenge is ideal.

How do I enroll?

We make it as easy as possible! If you are ready to start right now, simply scroll to the pricing section on this page, choose your desired volume and check out. What follows is a short onboarding form and then a calendar to book an onboarding call where we get you all set up with our team.

If you have more questions and want to first have a planning session with us, just click one of the buttons on this page to book a planning session.

Can I get extra help with my online business?

Yes! We offer a full spectrum of solutions from turn-key, business in a box platforms, to Done with You coaching, to completely Done for You services. Book a planning session on this page and we can discuss those as well.

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